Shaping a digital future that belongs to everyone

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Shaping a digital future that belongs to everyone Shaping a digital future that belongs to everyone
Who we are

We empower digital citizens across the globe

We envision an ethical digital world that is inclusive, transparent, and safe. We work with people and communities to remove barriers to digital freedom and to create empowered digital citizens across the globe.

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What we do

Championing ideas

We bring together ordinary citizens, lauded experts, policy makers, and futuristic thinkers to debate what it takes to create an equitable, inclusive digital future.

Youth leadership board

The Youth Leadership Board is keen to understand the realities of young people across the world and the obstacles they face to being fully included, safe and free in the digital world.

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Building a Troll Free Future

We are striving for an internet in which everyone, regardless of their background, age, ability, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, is able to enjoy the benefits of a safe and secure internet.

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Powering change

The Avast Foundation works in partnership with people and communities to knock down barriers to digital freedom and equity. Our programs deliver meaningful change and help shape a world where technology plays a positive role in building and sustaining communities

The Spark Fund

Young people are leading the charge against injustice and inequality globally. The Spark Fund provides them with the financial resources and support to harness the power of technology and build a better, safer and more inclusive world.

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Be Safe Online

Be Safe Online believes that the most effective way to keep children safe online is not through banning access to the internet, but through compelling and actionable education.

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Engaging Avastians

We facilitate volunteering and donation opportunities for Avast staff, tapping into our network of dedicated experts, caring community members, and engaged digital citizens to increase our impact and demonstrate the better, safer, more inclusive world we want to see.

Avastians give back

Avastians around the globe are always seeking opportunities to help and grow local communities. We encourage all Avast staff to engage with causes and organizations that align with their values and are working to improve their communities.

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Changing the world together
Our partners

Changing the world together

Changing the world together
We create strong, trust-based networks with partners large and small. From NGOs, charities and community organizations to government institutions and the commercial sector, we collaborate with those who dare to dream of an equitable and inclusive digital future.
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