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The Avast Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary

We support hundreds of projects involving thousands of personal stories every year, and enjoy dozens of long‑term partnerships with extraordinary people and organizations.
Without them, without you, we could not have achieved all that we have.

Let's walk through a small selection of remarkable moments from the history of the Avast Foundation, and present our future mission.

Our story

The very beginning is, naturally, linked to the foundation of Avast, a company created more than 30 years ago by two courageous men who strived to create freedom and security in the digital world for everyone.

YEAR 1988

Creation of the first antivirus

Pavel Baudiš encountered a sample of the Vienna virus and developed a program to remove it. When he showed it to his colleague, Eduard Kučera, they established a cooperative together under whose name they started to distribute the program as the first avast! antivirus.

YEAR 2001

Launch of the free antivirus

2001 saw the company introduce an entirely new strategy, which helped to spark major growth. Driven by the idea that computer security and protection against online threats shouldn’t be a privilege only affordable to some, free antivirus software was released onto the market (for non-commercial use only).

YEAR 2010

The Avast Foundation

Baudiš and Kučera initiated the establishment of the Avast Foundation and entrusted its administration to their spouses, Jarmila and Milada. Solidifying the concept — that individuals should have the freedom to make their own life choices. The Avast Foundation has always put enabling freedom of choice and having a positive influence on people’s lives at the core of its activities since the day it was founded.

How did all begin?

Watch Avast founders, Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera, and their wives Jarmila and Milada, look back to the roots of the company, and share their values alongside some of their most meaningful memories.

YEAR 2013

Avast Foundation supports systemic change

The Foundation’s efforts are being shaped and turned into strategic programs, with the focus on developing end‑of‑life care and support for families of disabled children. Our fundamental values are: quality of human life, self-sufficiency for all, and the right of each person to make decisions freely.

YEAR 2016

The Foundation crosses borders together with Avast employees

As Avast expands, the Avast Foundation is growing too. Many Avast employees play active roles in their communities and engage with important causes all around the world. Through this global community of employees, the Avast Foundation gains access to interesting projects directly in the countries where Avast employees are based.

YEAR 2017

Education for the 21st century

In 2017, one major landmark was the creation of a new program focused on educational support and modern education as the most vital factor in preparing children to lead the world of tomorrow.

Changing things for better

Listen to some of the foundations’ partners reminiscing on how the Avast Foundation has helped them in their respective fields and why they value their collaboration.

YEAR 2020

Facing the effects of the COVID-19 crisis together

Through the Avast Foundation, Avast has committed to donating $25 million to COVID-19 innovation and research initiatives, as well as in developing projects to address the negative social and economic impacts of the pandemic.

Our future

We know there is more we can do. The pandemic is changing our world as more people try to manage restrictions by moving online for work and leisure. Avast is focused on making the online world a safer place for everyone, everywhere, and we believe the new Avast Foundation is a key part of how we will do this.


Watch Ondrej Vlcek, Avast CEO and Pavel Baudis, Avast co-founder, acknowledging what has been accomplished over the last decade, and sharing their thoughts and future vision.

YEAR 2021

2021 and beyond

In early 2021, we will announce our new social impact program which will extend the remit of the Avast Foundation, so we can operate internationally in order to have even greater impact. The new Avast Foundation will support a new range of programs that are aligned to the Avast’s core mission of protecting people in the digital world, ensuring the new generation of digital citizens are safe, that their privacy is preserved, and that they understand, and can manage, the risks they might face online. We are excited about the opportunity to drive positive change and to be a part of empowering digital citizens to be safe, confident, and free online.

The legacy and the projects of “Nadační fond Avast” in the Czech Republic will continue through the Abakus Foundation, the Avast Founders’ foundation. Building upon the successful decade of existence of “Nadační fond Avast”, the Abakus Foundation will support important societal topics such as end‑of‑life care, support for families with disabled children, and general educational improvement in the Czech Republic. Avast will contribute to the operation of the Abakus Foundation.

Introducing the new mission

About the Abakus Foundation

The Abakus Foundation’s mission is to create an environment where ideas and tools that can help solve today's social problems will emerge and contribute to a positive change in Czech society.

Learn more

About the new Avast Foundation

The Avast Foundation’s mission is to protect the digital lives and freedom of people online by creating opportunities for positive change, both directly, and through engagement with partner organizations, globally.

Find out more about Avast