Moonshot Platform

Programs and initiatives: Activating digital citizenship

Through our partnership with Moonshot Platform, we will bring visibility and attention to innovators and social entrepreneurs who are tackling the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide, and simultaneously work to provide a platform for the Youth Leadership Board to develop a global youth network and deliver longer-term impact through their own work.

We’ve also gained valuable advisors from the Youth Leadership Board - an extraordinary group of young leaders who offer their international and multidisciplinary perspectives at many key milestones of our development.
Yemi A.D., founder of the Moonshot Platform

Moonshot Platform connects so-called impact hackers - founders of early-stage scalable for-profits and replicable non-profits - with other changemakers to accelerate growth and maximize their impact.

“Our partnership with the Avast Foundation has a different and very refreshing dynamic. We’ve embarked on a trust-based collaborative journey through which we can truly challenge ourselves and focus on our genuine intentions and long-term goals, instead of chasing the unsatisfying short-term marketing needs or rigid bureaucratic minutiae. This enables dynamic iteration of the entire project while emphasizing self-efficacy and self-accountability throughout the whole team.

Even though we are only at the start of our journey together, we already know that the partnership with Avast Foundation will be highly beneficial and transformational for everyone on board.”

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