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For the second time, we are handing out Avast Foundation Awards – given to professionals from various areas associated with the interests of our Foundation for their courage and a clear, open and sustainable approach to the development of their field.

We would like the awards to become an annual tradition. Our goal is to support the award winners stay on their path and continue making advances and innovations in their fields. We also hope to inspire others to show active interest and get involved in areas that we perceive to be important.

In 2017, we awarded the Avast Foundation Awards for the first time to two important personalities in palliative care in the Czech Republic: Petr Lokaj and Ondřej Sláma.

This year the Avast Foundation is focusing on education.

Why is this year dedicated to important personalities from the field of education?

“A great milestone of 2017 was the establishment of a new program, called Learn Together, which is focused on supporting education. We consider quality and modern teaching to be the basis upon which children can be best prepared for the future in today’s fast developing world. For this reason, the prize will be awarded this year to personalities who, in our opinion, contribute to building an education system for the 21st century. The awards will be handed out during a festive ceremony.”

Jarmila Baudišová, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees

Useful information


Monday, November 26th, 2018, at 19:00


The Avast Headquarters, Pikrtova 1a, Prague 4


Never Sol


On-site parking is unfortunately not available. For advice on possible parking options, please contact awards@avast.com.

Dress code

Semi Formal