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Historically the first year of awarding important
personalities for their courage and innovative solutions.

Why have we dedicated this year of the award to important
personalities from the field of palliative care?

“The theme of palliative care has been for us the flagship of our support almost from the beginning of our Foundation. We realize that we are not creating anything new, we are only going back to our roots when death was a natural part of the cycle of life and was experienced intimately, among close persons. We respect the development of the society and our goal is to provide quality information to people so that they can decide freely at the end of their lives where and how to die, what kind of care to choose and who they wish to have around. For that reason, we have supported, for several years, the work of professionals in the care for the dying through our key strategic program Together Until the End (prolink). With it, we support financial self-sufficiency of hospices, research, training and development of palliative care in hospitals across the Czech Republic. This year, we announced scholarships for palliative leaders and experienced experts for the first time.”

Jarmila Baudišová, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees

Who are the first prizewinners?

Ondřej Sláma is a renowned oncologist in the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Brno and one of the pioneers of palliative medicine in the Czech Republic. With his long honest work he has gained respect of the professional public and has substantially contributed to a change in the system of care for the dying in the Czech Republic. He is the chairman of the Czech Society of Palliative Medicine, he has founded one of the first outpatient clinics for terminally ill patients, he initiated the teaching of palliative medicine at medical faculties and personally contributed to the fact that people, more than ever before, are able to express how they wish to die. Above all, he is one of those who help return the importance of the end of life into the Czech society and Czech healthcare.

Petr Lokaj works as a pediatrician and oncologist in the Children’s Hospital in Brno. He is a pioneer of palliative care for children in the Czech Republic and a physician who provided that care in his everyday practice at a time when it was taboo for the others. Thanks to his humane and empathic approach and without support from a professional palliative network he helped many families whose terminally ill children could die in a home environment. Petr Lokaj is known for his approach that may not be classified as falling under certain categories but that is always in the interest of his small patients and their parents. As a physician he helped consult the beginnings of one of the first children’s hospices Ondrášek in Ostrava. He cooperates closely with the Krtek Foundation.