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Everyone should have the freedom to make their own life choices

Our Mission and Programs

“We focus on improving the quality of human life and the right of every person
to live their lives, from the first moment to the last, as they wish.”


The basic value guiding the Avast Foundation is the right of every person to live their lives, from the first moment to the last, as they wish. To help make that a reality, we offer support and care to those nearing the end of their lives, we empower disabled children and support their families, and we improve educational systems to make them effective and accessible to all. In essence, we want to promote an open, civil society.

System changes Simplicity Flexibility and trust Courage
Innovation Continuity Cooperation with experts Attending to people’s needs

“The right of every person to live their lives, from the first moment to the last, as they wish.”


The Avast Foundation was established in 2010. With funds donated by Avast, as well as the time and talent of the Avast employees who volunteer, we work directly and indirectly to support communities around the world and promote the values of freedom and choice that create meaningful lives. The Foundation attests to Avast’s commitment to being a responsible leader in the world. Apart from involving employees from all walks of life, the foundation and Avast as the global leader in digital security products combine their potential whenever there is any opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities who in turn strive to make the world a safer, better place. What we share is the courage to look at challenges from new and different perspectives, and seek innovative ways to address them. We aspire to be leaders who not only dare to risk and invest, but to remain humble in our pursuits, and contribute what we can to making lasting solutions and positive changes to the systems around us.

Selected Achievements

6.6 million

Over USD 6.6 million of support for palliative care in the Czech Republic


39 scholarship holders in the Avast Foundation Palliative Care Scholarship program

4 million

Over USD 4 million of support for children with a health disadvantage, and their parents


Over 650 community projects proposed by the Avast employees from around the world, supported with a total of almost USD 1.5 million

Personal letter from
Jarmila Baudišová

How does our chairwoman of
Board of Trustees see our mission?

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Together since 1988

Take a look at the history of the
Avast Software company and the Foundation

Our history

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