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Fighting for digital freedom around the world

Who we are

Our purpose

The Avast Foundation exists to empower digital citizens across the globe, by giving them the tools and skills to be safe and free online. We envision an ethical digital world that is inclusive, transparent, and engenders trust. A world where everyone stands true to their rights and responsibilities, feels safe, and is empowered to reach their full potential.

The Avast Foundation has three main objectives

Safer world

To make the online world safer for individuals and communities


To play our part in building a transparent and inclusive online world

Next-generation empowerment

To help educate the next generation of confident digital citizens

We seek to achieve these goals by collaborating with partners from across the government, charitable, and business sectors. Together, we work to:

  • Identify the areas of greatest need in the realm of digital citizenship
  • Advocate for change, engage ambassadors and communities
  • Deliver programs that drive positive social change
what we do

Our programs and activities

The Avast Foundation undertakes long-term programs under the three strategic pillars of online Safety, Trust and Freedom. We also support short-term initiatives, in response to critical areas of need, and run programs in partnership with Avast’s employee community.

Expert partners

Our strong partnership with the Avast Group and our alignment to its mission enables us to leverage the company’s core expertise in online safety, privacy, and security, as well as its global partnerships, to further our vision of a more empowering digital world.

Long-term programs

In order to make the online world safer, create trust, educate on digital rights and champion digital freedom, the Avast Foundation works in partnership with other stakeholders to develop long-term, scalable programs that address pressing issues in the areas of online Safety, Trust, and Freedom.

Responsive projects

The Foundation’s operating model allows for the creation of both long-term initiatives and flexible, responsive projects that arise in relation to a specific moment or need. Responsive projects may be implemented either by the Foundation or with partners to address crises that fall within or outside of core program areas.

Partnership with the Avast employee community

Avast Group employees have a history of community service and engagement through both volunteering and fundraising. The Avast Foundation works with Avast to develop volunteering opportunities that put Avastians’ unique skills to good use and to support programs identified by Avastians as having a positive impact within their local communities.


Our past

Created in 2010 by the Avast founders, Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš, the Czech Nadační Fond Avast was the original expression of Avast’s desire to give back. Its mission, to support freedom of choice, was brought to life through its motto:
“Everyone should be able to freely decide about their own life.”

Social Change
Avast, as the sole funder of Nadačni Fond Avast, invested over $50 million USD (1 billion CZK) over ten years into programs generating significant social change in the Czech Republic in the areas of palliative care, early childhood education, and support for families of disabled children. In cooperation with Avast, Nadačni Fond Avast also backed hundreds of projects around the globe nominated by Avast employees through the Together with Employees program.

Focusing on digital citizenship and digital freedom

The newly established Avast Foundation has a global mandate and a focus on developing programs within the core areas of digital citizenship and digital freedom to empower digital citizens and support safety, trust, and freedom online.

Get in touch

Creating social change in the Czech Republic

After ten years of successfully cooperating with Avast to effect positive social change in the Czech Republic, Nadacni Fond Avast has reinvented itself as Abakus. Abakus, with Avast as its corporate partner and donor, will continue its important and life-changing work in the Czech Republic.

Find out more ABOUT ABAKUS

Our operations

The Avast Foundation (Stichting Avast) is a non-profit organization incorporated in the Netherlands, funded by an annual grant from the Avast Group. The Avast Foundation donates the full amount of its income, less operating expenses, to fund selected programs and projects each year. Our initiatives are implemented with the support of a global team and partners. Three governing boards provide management oversight and ensure that our activities align to our long-term strategy and objectives.

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Get in touch

Get in touch with our team: foundation@avast.com

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