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Learn Together

We consider a quality and modern education to be the most important factor in preparing children to lead the world of tomorrow.

What we are about?

We’re always on the hunt for promising new projects to support. We want to achieve great things and promote greater change through alliances with brilliant new innovators. The foundation and company work together to support Avast’s mission of cultivating the next generation of cybersecurity experts and educating people how to stay safe online.

In 2018, the Avast Foundation Awards focused on education.

Eduzměna Foundation

We believe that everything is easier when we work together and education is no exception. The Eduzměna (Educhange) Foundation, which we have co-founded, is proof of that.

We have joined forces with three extraordinary foundations, the Česká Spořitelna Foundation, the Karel Janeček Foundation, and the Open Society Fund Prague, to create an independent joint foundation called Eduzměna which will become a platform for representatives of the private, non-profit, and government sectors to support systemic changes in education.

What we strive to do

Our aim is to use the combined power of our reputations, expertise, and finance to support systemic changes in the education of children in the Czech Republic. We wish to highlight and promote long-term and sustainable approaches to education that will have a demonstrable impact on improving learning environments so that children will be keen to go to school and that will, last but not least, lead to comprehensive societal transformation.

How will we achieve this?

We will support various organizations and projects focused on developing education for various target groups and raising awareness about the critical role education plays in society. Our first project is the implementation of a model of regional support for education which we will design in cooperation with our partners that will help develop all schools in a designated small territory and that will then be applied on a broader scale after adjustments.

Do you wish to become a donor, a partner, or just want to know how we are doing? Follow the website www.eduzmena.cz (only available in Czech) .

Want to learn more about other programs?

with employees

Avast employees around the world are invited to put forward a project they trust.


until the end

We believe that a person should have the opportunity to chose how they are treated at the end of their life. We are altering society’s approach to dying itself with systemic change.


with trust

The Avast Software company was established more than 25 years ago and it owes much to its homeland - the Czech Republic.