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Avast Foundation Palliative Care Scholarship

The palliative area needs self-confident professionals who have the expertise, experience, and sufficient background to support others developing their skills in palliative care, while still working on their personal development, and contributing to innovation and change of the whole system.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Doctors, nurses, social workers and other professionals wishing to implement palliative care development projects in hospitals, hospices, homes for the elderly and other facilities, as well as within the health system as a whole.

What activities do we support within scholarships?

• Study stays and internships in health facilities and institutions abroad
• Educational events (seminars, lectures)
• Courses (presentation) and marketing of palliative care

The professional partner is the Palliative Care Center.

Education partner is Centrum Dohody (the Center of the agreement).

The next scholarship will be announced in spring 2019.

Scholars of the first year of the program