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Together with employees

Avast employees are interested in the world around them

How can Avast employees use their position to be of practical help to the communities where they live and work? They can get a grant from their Foundation for the non-profit they believe in and in which they are engaged. This gives up the opportunity to get to know a variety of organizations and create important partnerships.

Avast corporate social responsibility development fund


Senior Software Developer


“Can you even imagine the internet without Wikipedia, or where Wikipedia would be without the volunteers? 15 years since it began we have new topics and need accessible, interconnected and open data in a format that can be understood by the intelligent machines which supply it to people in a variety of circumstances. That is why I am happy to be involved precisely at a time when it is important to build and engage a new community of technical specialists.”

Wikimedia Czech Republic aims to support and develop Czech Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia in history.  It contains no advertising and is written by volunteers without royalties. About 40 members support it in various ways: as conference organizers, as representatives on Czech media and as organizers of a number of projects - in cooperation with universities, senior groups, amateur photographers and various cultural institutions.


Chief Marketing Officer

The South Yuba River Citizens League

I am excited that the Foundation was able to support a local project I am passionate about. The South Yuba River in the Sierra Nevada foothills in California brings together motivated people who care for this watershed and its natural resources to protect them from the effects of civilization. The organization's volunteers take care of river cleanup and restoration and organize education programs. These beautiful miracles of nature have a hope of being preserved for future generations.

In 1983 a small group of passionate citizens came together to stop the building of two large dams on the South Yuba River. They succeeded and to this day 39 miles of river in this area is protected and continues to be a home for the natural environment and the creatures that depend on it. That small community of people proved that much can be changed, protecting the place they love, and where they live.


Director Product Management Mobile


“My college room mate had spent his whole life battling a severe form of diabetes. I learned a lot about diabetes at the time and since then I have been helping him with fund raising and all kinds of education. Today Kevin works for JDRF and I continue to support what he does and this cause in any way I can. That is why I was pleased to connect this organization with the Avast Foundation  and continue our tradition of working together.”

For over 40 years the American organization JDRF has been a global leader pursuing the goal of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes through supporting research and advocacy.  Their goal will always be finding a way to return to normal physiology. Today they are also aware that although the eradication of diabetes is their long term goal, the path towards reaching that goal is equally important. That is why they help patients with this diagnosis  to live healthier, simpler and safer lives, until they reach their common goal together.


Senior eCommerce Specialist

Running With Those Who Can’t

The basic goal of Running With Those Who Can’t is to increase the awareness and visibility of people with special and complex needs and to help integrate them into all aspects of daily life in the community. To achieve this goal, RWTTC members have chosen to focus on sporting running events. We have the opportunity to participate in running league races directly with handicapped children and young adults. This is done by using special sport wheelchairs and a team of runners pushing the children before them.

This organization helps children with special needs to have a better quality of life. They donate special wheelchairs to them and their families, enabling them to take part in sports together. I am a keen athlete myself and I found RWTTC thanks to running. It helps them realize how important movement is for people. It is wonderful to take part in joint activities/races and see the joy in the eyes of the children and their families.

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until the end

We believe that a person should have the opportunity to chose how they are treated at the end of their life. We are altering society’s approach to dying itself with systemic change.



We work to ensure that the family of a child born with a disability can enjoy regular family life and access all necessary information as soon as possible.


with trust

The Avast Software company was established more than 25 years ago and it owes much to its homeland - the Czech Republic.