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Together with trust

Avast has had its home in the Czech Republic for almost 30 years and it continues to have its headquarters in Prague and Brno. We cannot forget our home and we know we owe our country for so much.

What are we about?

We want to help through various organizations where help is most needed. In the long term we have been supporting the operating costs of several nonprofits in whom we have full confidence, where we closely monitor the results of their work. Each year we add to that other projects and ideas, which have engaged our Board of Trustees in an annual Open Call

Where are we on our journey?

The Foundation was established primarily to provide a system for the many years of philanthropic work done by the Avast founder families. The Foundation Supervisory Board is represented by the founders’ wives Jarmila Baudišová and Milada Kučerová. Together with the third member of the board, Avast company attorney Libuše Tomolová, they both assist organizations, projects and ideas, which engage them and are dear to their heart. In addition to our strategically focused programs we thus provide an opportunity for every Czech nonprofit to realize their idea and have it supported. Each year in the summer we announce the traditional open cycle of the program in which any generally beneficial project can take part. The flexibility of this program allows us to quickly give help including, for example, to people experiencing a sudden catastrophic event.

Project Examples

Wheelchair Rugby Association

Wheelchair Rugby (aka Murderball or Quadrugby) is a tough game for two teams of four players each, with all players in wheelchairs. Each team aims to get a player to score by touching or going over the goal line with the ball in firm control. The ball may be thrown, volleyed, dribbled, or carried in any direction, in a way which meets the rules. The first club was formed in the Czech Republic in January 1993 and there are now five teams in the Czech Republic.

DUHA Association

DUHA Association activities include endeavoring to positively influence the social environment and public opinion, striving to protect the rights of people with mental disabilities, providing consultancy, and educating specialists in this field. It enables its clients to live in regular apartments and take care of their own household. Another mainstay is providing the opportunity to experience an active day, to learn everyday skills, find work and enjoy free time to suit personal interests.

Rudolfinum Gallery

The Rudolfinum Gallery is where contemporary art meets the historic neo-renaissance architecture of the Rudolfinum building located right in the historic center of Prague. Linking modern graphic art with classical music and other artistic expressions provides an opportunity for exceptional cultural experiences. Focusing exclusively on exhibitions (the gallery does not own any collections) and international cooperation the Rudolfinum Gallery has turned itself into an open communication space.

Forum 2000 Conference

The Forum 2000 Foundation realizes Václav Havel’s legacy by supporting the values of democracy and respect for human rights, assisting the development of civil society, and encouraging religious, cultural and ethnic tolerance. It provides a platform where prominent global personalities, thought leaders and courageous individuals from all walks of life can share and debate these critical issues. Since 1997 it has attracted a number of eminent individuals, Nobel laureates, former and active politicians and many others.


The Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Europe. It offers its students 123 study programs which include 464 fields of study. CTU educates modern specialists, scientists and managers with knowledge of foreign languages who are dynamic, flexible and able to adapt rapidly to the requirements of the market. Our support at the university includes assisting talented students who are keen to take on work beyond the framework of their regular study obligations.

Better schools for all

People in Need is active in more than half of schools in the CR in areas where there is insufficient support from the state and other institutions. They help turn a school into a place which develops the child’s individual abilities and teaches children to find their way in today’s world. They strive to ensure that today’s generation of children remember school as a pleasant place full of understanding and respect. And that today’s schools can educate children to be active, decent and confident citizens, able to change our society for the better.

Open Invitation

Only legal entities registered in the Czech Republic may apply for
a grant from the Foundation. For currenct closing dates, please click here.

Program results

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Want to learn more about other programs?

untill the end

We believe that a person should have the opportunity to chose how they are treated at the end of their life. We are altering society’s approach to dying itself with systemic change.



We work to ensure that the family of a child born with a disability can enjoy regular family life and access all necessary information as soon as possible.


with employees

Over 1000 Avast Software staff stationed around the world are invited to put forward a project they trust.